The pro-infanticide U.S. Senators

First, the good news:

A picture is worth a thousand words. Click and check this:
Photo of a baby at 21 weeks gestation, having life-saving surgery.

And here are the physicians with the facts:
The survival rate for a baby born at 28 weeks is 84 percent,
and 89 percent of those babies are free of major handicap.

Estimation of Neonatal Outcome,
from the American Academy of Pediatrics
(Pediatrics, May 2000, Vol. 105, Issue 5)

Now, the bad news:

You've heard the story about the wolf disguised as Grandma, but have you heard the one about the fascist disguised as a liberal? Don't ever trust a misogynist who says he's helping women by letting them kill their own babies. That is exactly what the misogynist Bill Clinton did when he was in the White House.

Below is the list of U.S. Senators who believed that a misogynist would protect the women of United States.

On Thursday, October 21, 1999, the following 34 members of the United States Senate voted in favor of infanticide:

By Name: By State:
Daniel Akaka of Hawaii
Max Baucus of Montana
Jeff Bingaman of New Mexico
Barbara Boxer of California
Richard Bryan of Nevada
Max Cleland of Georgia
Susan Collins of Maine
Christopher Dodd of Connecticut
Richard Durbin of Illinois
John Edwards of North Carolina
Russell Feingold of Wisconsin
Dianne Feinstein of California
Bob Graham of Florida
Tom Harkin of Iowa
Daniel Inouye of Hawaii
Edward Kennedy of Massachusetts
Robert Kerrey of Nebraska
John Kerry of Massachusetts
Herb Kohl of Wisconsin
James Jeffords of Vermont
Frank Lautenberg of New Jersey
Carl Levin of Michigan
Joseph Lieberman of Connecticut
Barbara Mikulski of Maryland
Patty Murray of Washington
Jack Reed of Rhode Island
Charles Robb of Virginia
John Rockefeller of West Virginia
Paul Sarbanes of Maryland
Charles Schumer of New York
Olympia Snowe of Maine
Robert Torricelli of New Jersey
Paul Wellstone of Minnesota
Ron Wyden of Oregon
California's Barbara Boxer
California's Dianne Feinstein
Connecticut's Christopher Dodd
Connecticut's Joseph Lieberman
Florida's Bob Graham
Georgia's Max Cleland
Hawaii's Daniel Akaka
Hawaii's Daniel Inouye
Illinois' Richard Durbin
Iowa's Tom Harkin
Maine's Susan Collins
Maine's Olympia Snowe
Maryland's Barbara Mikulski
Maryland's Paul Sarbanes
Massachusetts' Edward Kennedy
Massachusetts' John Kerry
Michigan's Carl Levin
Minnesota's Paul Wellstone
Montana's Max Baucus
Nebraska's Robert Kerrey
Nevada's Richard Bryan
New Jersey's Frank Lautenberg
New Jersey's Robert Torricelli
New Mexico's Jeff Bingaman
New York's Charles Schumer
North Carolina's John Edwards
Oregon's Ron Wyden
Rhode Island's Jack Reed
Vermont's James Jeffords
Virginia's Charles Robb
Washington's Patty Murray
West Virginia's John Rockefeller
Wisconsin's Russell Feingold
Wisconsin's Herb Kohl

Officially, the vote was a roll call vote on a ban of "partial-birth abortion." That term was created to refer to the intentional killing of a fully formed, live infant while most of its body is outside the mother's uterus but while the head remains inside. Relying on Roe v. Wade, the mother finds a willing physician. The procedure is gruesome, and any description of it sounds crude. However, the procedure is done by the physician reaching inside the mother's vagina, forcing open the mother's cervix, and grabbing hold of the infant's feet. Grabbing hold of the feet can require some manipulation. The physician then pulls the baby out feet first. When the baby's feet, legs, butt, torso, and shoulders are outside the mother's uterus (or even outside her body), the physician stops pulling the baby and prevents further deliver. The physician then jabs a sharp object (usually surgical scissors) into the base of the baby's skull. The physician then puts a plastic tube into the hole made in the back of the baby's skull, and the physician then attaches the tube to a small vacuum cleaner. Using the vacuum cleaner, the physician sucks out the baby's brains.

By law, this "procedure" may be used on babies right up until the moment of birth.

In recent times, babies born as much as three months premature usually survive those crucial first forty days after birth, and most will make it to their first birthdays.

The "procedure" is invasive of a woman's body and would NEVER save the life of a mother: If the baby has been delivered live to the point of only the head being inside the mother, allowing the head to be delivered while the baby still lived would in no way risk the mother's life.

In October 1999, 28 men and 6 women in the United States Senate voted in favor of infanticide.

It's not "pro-choice."
It's not "pro-reproductive-freedom."
It's not "pro-a-woman's-right-to-choose."
It's not "pro-abortion."
It's not "pro-partial-birth."

May God have mercy on their souls.

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Alice Marie Beard