Daniel HOFFARTH, son of Christian

Daniel's signature

Daniel was born in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania in about 1755. That's his signature above. His father, Christian, moved the family to Frederick County, Maryland in about 1760, when Daniel was about five years old, and it was in Frederick County, Maryland where Daniel married his first wife, Elizabeth CASSELL, on August 23, 1779. Daniel was about 24, and his bride was likely a year or two younger.

Likely, Daniel and Elizabeth spent their early years in Maryland, with Daniel developing a trade. Some land transfers and purchases found in the Maryland Archives show that Daniel was involved in leatherwork. One transaction from 1779 lists him as a "cordwainer," someone who makes shoes from cordovan leather, meaning that Daniel was a shoemaker or cobbler.

Daniel's first three children were born in Maryland; the third is known to have been baptized at the Pipe Creek Brethren Church, in an area that by 2010 is in Carroll County, Maryland. (Carroll County was formed in 1837, with the eastern part of Carroll County coming from what had been Frederick County. Carroll County of 2010 includes what in 1800 was "the Pipe Creek Hundred," or the "Fyffe Creek" area.)

Daniel was in Harrison County, Kentucky, by 1789 when son John was born, and he was in Harrison County in 1800 to pay taxes. He and Elizabeth lived near Berry, Kentucky, on Raven Creek.

Sometime after January 25, 1800, and before May 4, 1801, Daniel was widowed, leaving Daniel with four children under ten years old. (There were older children also.)

On May 27, 1801, in Bourbon County, Kentucky, Daniel married Barbara DAVID, daughter of William Henry DAVID and Mary Ann SIMMONS. Daniel was about 46 years old; Barbara was about 26. Barbara's father was 15 years older than Daniel, and her father and Daniel were friends. (Barbara was named in her father's will as "Barbary HUFFORD." That will was recorded October 13, 1819, in Will Book F, Page 313; Bourbon County, Kentucky.)

Daniel and Barbara had seven children, born over a span of about 14 years. Daniel died sometime in 1817. The appraisal and inventory order for his estate had been made in an 1817 Scott County court session, and on January 8, 1818, there was an estate sale of his property. When Daniel died, he had 12 children living: from his first marriage, David, John, Rachel, Deborah, Jacob, and William David; and from his second marriage, Daniel, Susannah, Benjamin, Mary Ann, Deliah, and Eli. His son Joseph (from his first marriage) had died before February 1813, leaving one son.

NOTE: The above is based on research by Jim Hufferd (descendant of Daniel) and by Barry Wood (descendant of Daniel's brother Christian II).

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