email received,
and greatly appreciated :-)

August 30, 2005

Hello Ms. Beard:

I came across your Web Site devoted to your Father.

My name is Ted, and I live in Georgia. I was born in South Bend. I lived their until 1997. Your Dad would have known me.

I joined the Northern Indiana Philatelic Society in 1970 and of course met your Dad there. I believe that was about the time his eyesight was just starting to get bad enough for your Mom to start driving him to the meetings. I quickly realized that he was very knowledgeable about Philately. I was 21 at that time. Meetings were then being held at the First Bank on Lincolnway West in South Bend.

I can remember your Dad telling me stories about how at the age of, I believe, 14 he joined the Club. That would have been in 1931. The Club was founded in 1923. Your Dad is the oldest living member of NIPS. He really seemed to enjoy collecting stamps.

I would imagine that your Father would not be able to remember me anymore, but I thought that I would write to you and tell you that I remember him.

Good luck to your whole Family.

Ted _____,
Hampton, Ga.

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