Miles Beard with five of his seven* grandchildren:
photo by AMB
Christmas 1998
Miles with his wife and five of his seven grandchildren,
in his home in Mishawaka. (See note below.*)

note: * Miles had seven grandchildren. It is not known whether Miles ever knew about his first-born grandchild. Miles' first grandchild was born in about May or June 1975, a boy who was fathered by Miles' #2 son. According to Miles' wife, soon after the birth of that child, she received a telephone call from a neighborhood girl who said that she had given birth to a son, and that Miles' #2 son was the father of the baby, but that another man's name would appear on the baby's birth certificate, and the child would carry the last name of the other man. According to Miles' wife, Miles' son saw the baby with some regularity until the baby was over two years old. Then, at Christmas time 1977, the young mother told Miles' son that he was no longer allowed to visit the child. Since Miles' #2 son had no legal rights, he could not see his son if the mother did not permit it.