Miles Beard's maternal Aunt Linnie, his paternal Aunt Edith, his niece, his mother, his grandmother, his cousin:

From left, four of the most important women in the first 30 years of Miles' life:
Miles' Aunt Linnie, the oldest sister of his mother.
Miles' Aunt Edith, his father's sister.
Miles' niece Mary Fran.
Miles' mother.
Miles' Grandma Beard.
Miles' first-cousin John, who was many years younger than Miles.
His Aunt Linnie was a VERY stern woman. He respected what the woman did for his mother and for him, but he felt no warmth towards her.
His Aunt Edith was a nice lady who once worked at what is now the Mishawaka Children's Center.
He absolutely loved his niece!
His mother was devoted to him and his brothers -- so devoted that she ironed their underwear!
His Grandma Beard was the only grandmother he knew. She was an exceptionally sweet and gentle lady, very pious, very loving.
His cousin John was the son of Miles' Aunt Edith.