Mishawaka High School Class of 1968
45 years after graduation:

Castle Manor

Main event of the weekend was Castle Manor, all day Saturday, with midday potluck meal. For an overview of the day at Castle Manor, CHECK HERE. The day was so big that it requires five pages of photos.

Photos below are in no order. They were taken outside at Castle Manor by various photographers. In all photos, the identification is from left to right.

Above: Margie Hesch, Mike Bellovich, Mike's wife.

Above: Becky Smith, Jennifer Stebbins.

Above: David Hamman.

Above: Victoria Long, Patrick Long (no relation).

Above: Patrick Long surprised Victoria Long with a smooch as they posed for a photo. The two are not related, but they were neighbors and playmates as children.

Above: Tamara Reed with her parents' quadricycle that Dr. and Mrs. Reed kindly loaned for the day.

Above: Marc McCray, Keith Albright, Terry DeMaegd, Dave Hoskins.

Above: Jim Locke, Phil Stillson, George Roelandts, Ken Brugh, Mike Squibb.

Above: Mike Bellovich, Terry DeMaegd, Hilary Asher, Debby Parnell.

Above: Debby Parnell, Andy Palatinus, Paula Lampert, Doug Overman, Dan Nicolini.

Above: Carol Ann Nix, Mike Bellovich.

Above: Connie Shaffer, Martha Zemialkowski, Jim Locke (behind), Kathy Klotz, Victoria Long (behind), Carole Signorino, Randy Smith (far back, red cap), Eve Thompson (behind), Peggy Sinkovics, Andy Palatinus (far back), Christina Nicholas, Darlene Lennox (behind Christina), Steve Cunningham, Jimita Baldoni.

Above: Jerry Thacker's wife, Jerry Thacker, Steve Cunningham.

Above: Christina Nicholas, Debbie Koepke, Connie Shaffer.

Above: Steve Cunningham, Ken Brugh.

Above: Jim Locke, Jimita Baldoni.

Above: Leroy Lekens, Spider Draves.

Above: Keith Albright, Marc McCray, Leroy Lekens, Paula Mann, Spider Draves.

Above: Karen Williams, Debbie Morse, Jim Locke, Becky McCoy.

Above: Steve Wiseman, Randy Smith.

Above: Bill Hickey, George Roelandts.

Above: George Roelandts, Christina Nicholas, Ken Brugh.

Above: Victoria Long, Peggy Sinkovics, Eve Thompson.

Above: Karen Williams, Debbie Morse, Jim Locke, Becky McCoy.

Above: Debby Parnell, Pat McGee.

Above: Mike Natali, Jerry Cavanah, Hilary Asher, Terry DeMaegd.

Above: In front, Terry DeMaegd's wife, Spider Draves, Debby Parnell's husband. In back, Dan Culp, Chuck VanCamp.

Above: Steve Wiseman, Ken Brugh.

Above: Sharon Gill, Cosimo Natali.

Above: Peggy Sinkovics, Eve Thompson.

Above: Doug Overman, Dan Nicolini.

Above: Becky McCoy, Dan Culp.

Above: Michael Morrison, Andy Palatinus.

Above: Brenda Burkett's husband, Brenda Burkett, Becky Smith.

Above: Carole Signorino, Toby Roose, Debby Parnell.

Above: Spider Draves, Eve Thompson, Diana Morse.


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