Mishawaka High School Class of 1968
45 years after graduation:

Castle Manor

Main event of the weekend was Castle Manor, all day Saturday, with midday potluck meal. For an overview of the day at Castle Manor, CHECK HERE. The day was so big that it requires five pages of photos.

Photos below are in no order. The photos were taken inside at Castle Manor by various photographers. In all photos, the identification is from left to right.

Above: Victoria Long, Pam Craig, Peggy Sinkovics.

Above: Sharon Gill and Tamara Reed, looking over a 1968 MISKODEED yearbook.

Above: Toby Roose, Becky McCoy, Becky Smith, Jennifer Stebbins, Debbie Koepke.

Above: Debbie Morse, Steve Cunningham, Randy Smith.

Above: Debbie Morse, Toby Roose.

Above: Paula Lampert arrived early and baked cookies at Castle Manor for us.

Above: Bill Daily and Cosimo Natali, both Purdue University graduates, and both engineers.

Above: Becky McCoy, Jerry Thacker, Mrs. Jerry Thacker.

Above: Martha Jo Probst, Terry DeMaegd, Tamara Reed.

Above: Tom Hummer's wife, Andy Palatinus.

Above: Debby Parnell, Tom Hummer.

Above: Toby Roose, Connie Shaffer, Patrick Long.

Above: Debbie Koepke, Toby Roose.

Above: Toby Roose, Connie Shaffer.

Above: Patrick Long, Brenda Burkett.

Above: Martha Jo Probst, Cosimo Natali.

Above: Martha Jo Probst, Mary Jane Dexter, Pat McGee.

Above: Spider Draves, Mike Unruh, Peter Dexter (in back, MHS '67), Bob Van Arsdale, Dan Nicolini (in back), Jerry Cavanah, Keith Albright.

Above: Terry DeMaegd, Hilary Asher.

Above: Terry DeMaegd, Jim Shown.

Above: Clockwise, beginning at 9 o'clock with Brenda Burkett's husband Steve Treber, Brenda Burkett, Debbie Koepke, Linda DeMeulenaere, Debbie Morse, Toby Roose.

Above: Alice Beard and Bill Hickey. As little children, they lived across the street from each other, played hide 'n' seek, freeze tag, and kick the can. The big tree at the corner of Bill's house was always "safe & home" for the running games. Bill and his family had to move after 7th grade. Bill became a fighter pilot in the U.S. Air Force and now flies commercial airplanes, carrying passengers across the Pacific Ocean.

Above: Becky Smith.

Above: Michael Morrison, Cosimo Natali.


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