Paris & Edinburgh, 1998

Countryside of Scotland: We rented a car in London, and we drove to Scotland saying, "Line on the right, line on the right."

Edinburgh: The town looks like a fairy tale.

Edinburgh Castle: This is the castle where St. Margaret of Scotland lived when she was queen. Her king was Duncan; he was murdered by his cousin Macbeth. Years later, Duncan and Margaret's son killed Macbeth in a battle.

Bagpiper: This street musician was outside the Church of Scotland in Edinburgh.

Musicians on May Day: While the communists shouted through bullhorns in the park on May Day, we listened to some musicians play jazz in front of a restaurant.

CLICK for large photo.A carousel: There were many carousels in Paris. This one was outside the Hotel de Saville. The Hotel de Saville may be a hotel, but it is also a huge department store.

Candles inside Notre Dame Cathredral: We lit some candles too.

The Seine, as seen while looking down from the Eifle Tower

The Eifle Tower: From the river at night, you can see the lights for the date: "J-605," or "jour -605," 6th day of 5th month.

CLICK for large photo.The Eifle Tower from inside

Chandelier in the tea room at the Orsay Museum

Looking at Monet at the Orsay

A street artist in front of the Louvre

Artist at the Louvre: There were artists at the Louvre who would paint copies of paintings.

Animals for sale next to the Seine: Across the road that ran next to the Seine River, there were all sorts of shops including many pet stores. They sold dogs, cats, goats, chickens, ducks, and even chipmunks. All of the animal stores had cages outside their shops so we walked right by the animals.

A beggar in Paris: A beggar in Paris: The beggars would sit barefoot on the ground and bend their heads low so their faces couldn't be seen.

A Gypsy bass player: We met him one night while we were waiting underground for a subway. His bass had only three strings; he said that's the way Gypsy basses are. He got on the subway and played music for money.

CLICK for large photo.Butcher with a dead duck: In Paris, butcher shops sold animals with their heads and feet still attached.

CLICK for large photo.Paris police car: The police in Paris were rude. They would not smile for photos, and one threatened an arrest for trying to take his picture.

Impressions of Paris, 1998, in words.

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