1-L on a 3x5 card (printable image is below):
  • BARKER: death + Burglary, Arson, Rape, Kidnap, Escape, or Robbery = felony murder.
  • Negligence if burden of fixing problem is less than probability that accident will happen TIMES extent of injury that could happen.
  • Negligence elements: duty, breach, causation, resulting damages
  • Offer + acceptance + consideration = a contract, if there's competence, consent, and it's legal.
  • Promissory estoppel: promise without consideration binds IF promisor used promise to get reliance, and IF party banked on it, IF non-enforcement would not be just.
  • Three ways to recover on breach of contract: (1) expectation damages, (2) reliance damages, or (3) restitution. Pick one.
  • For a contract, ask: (1) Does UCC apply? (2) Does Statute of Frauds apply? (3) Does parole evidence apply? (4) Are elements present -- offer, acceptance, consideration? (5) Any defenses to formation? (6) How about 3rd party rights and duties?
  • What you don't possess, you cannot convey. You can own different parts of a timeline of a piece of property, and you can own different aspects of physical being of a piece of property.
  • If you are going to delay a gift, by will or while you are still alive, full title must vest (if at all) within 21 years after the death of a person alive at the time of the gift.
  • CIVIL: Complaint; Summons; Service of Process; Answer; Written interrogatories; Depositions
  • 12(b)(6): failure to state a claim
  • Articles I, II, III: legislative, executive, judicial.
  • Article I, Sec. 8: Powers of Congress: tax, borrow, regulate commerce, copyright, make laws, create lower courts, declare war, raise armies.
  • Article IV, Sec. 1: full faith and credit.
  • 1. religion; speech; press; assembly; petition government
  • 2. right to keep and bear arms
  • 3. no soldier quartered in any house without owner's consent
  • 4. search and seizure; probable cause
  • 5. grand jury; double jeopardy; self incrimination; just compensation; due process
  • 6. speedy and public trial; confront, subpoena witnesses; right to counsel
  • 7. jury trials in civil cases; jury-decided facts stand
  • 8. no excessive bail; no cruel/unusual punishment
  • 9. unenumerated rights to the people
  • 10. reserved powers by States and people
  • 14. if born in US, citizen of US; States must grant due process and equal protection
  • 19. women's suffrage.

And here's the 3 x 5 card for printing! ;-)