Suzie: her wardrobe and her girlfriends
an Eegee
"Li'l Susan,"
born about 1954
Suzie is special.
She was a Christmas gift in the mid-1950s.
She was the doll I always took out for play with my girlfriend.

She was stashed away for about 25 years.
Then she moved to my daughter's room.
After a few years, my daughter's time with Suzie was over.
Maybe someday a granddaughter will befriend Suzie.

These days, she has new clothes
and lots of girlfriends to share them with.
All of the clothes that Suzie is modeling were homemade:

MHS cheerleader

jumper & blouse

sweater & dress
uniform of a Starflight Camp Fire youth
Camp Fire uniform

Chinese attire
Pakistani outfit
shalwar & kameez

Japanese kimono

kimono back

red 'n' green plaid

apple dress/pinafore

strawberry dress

brown plaid dress

spring time dress

jumper & blouse
dress given to dollie cousin!
dress & pinafore

dress & sweater
Pinafore is embroidered.
dress & pinafore



embroidered socks
playing bride
Princess Suzie
Princess Suzie

overalls & shirt

sailor suit

holly dress

floral print dress

jumper & blouse

jumper & blouse

peach sundress

strawberry dress

green 'n' gold dress

blue under dress

overalls & shirt
daughter's outfit for Suzie, 1980s
overalls & shirt

Halloween dress
Trick or treat!
rooster costume

Take note: Suzie has a gun in the holster.
seated in front:
Nancy Ann's "Debbie," and an unnamed Block Company doll.
middle row:
Block's "Little Miss Addie," Vogue's modern "Littlest Angel";
Suzie; an unmarked vintage celluloid, and a modern Corolle doll.
back row:
modern Zapf doll; vintage R&B's "Li'l Imp";
another Block doll, and Effanbee's "Sunday," by Astry Campbell;

"Li'l Susan" is a 10 1/2 inch bent-knee walker with flat feet and toe detailing. She has the body of a little girl. She was produced in the mid-1950s by the E. G. Goldberger Doll Company, also known as "Eegee." Her body, legs, and arms are thick hard plastic; her head is vinyl, stuffed for firmness. She has blue sleep eyes with brush eye lashes, single-stroke painted brows, painted lower eyelashes, blushed checks, painted lips, and a belly button. She moves at the neck, shoulders, hips, and knees. Her body has pin-jointed hips. Her arms are cross-strung with an elastic band.

Eegee's "Li'l Susan" and dolls of her genre (10" to 11" chubby toddler dolls) are distinctly non-sexualized. For more information about the chubby toddler dolls of the 1950s, check the following pages at other web sites:

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