Mishawaka sites of the 1950s and 1960s
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Mishawaka High School
Mishawaka High School
St. Monica Catholic Church
St. Monica Catholic Church, on W. Mishawaka across from Battell Park
St. Joseph Catholic Church
St. Joseph Catholic Church, at South Mill & West 3rd
St. Bavo Catholic Church
St. Bavo Catholic Church, at West 7th & West Street
First Methodist Church
First Methodist Church, at East 3rd & Church
First Baptist Church
First Baptist Church, at North Main & Grove
St. Paul's Episcopalian Church
St. Paul's Episcopalian Church, on Lincoln Way East, east of Cedar
First Presbyterian Church
First Presbyterian Church, at Lincoln Way East & Union
Battell Park band shelter
Battell Park band shelter

Mishawaka Hotel, on the southeast corner of Main and Third

Public Library, on Hill Street, north of Lincoln Way West

Post Office building
Mishawaka Bank, corner of Main Street & Mishawaka Avenue
Cedar Street bridge
Cedar Street Bridge
Mary Phillips Elementary School
Mary Phillips Elementary School
North Side Elementary
North Side Elementary School, on McKinley Avenue
Bingham Elementary
Bingham Elementary School, 600 E. Third
South Side Elementary School
South Side Elementary School

Beiger School
Main Junior High School
The old Main Junior High building, used as a furniture store in 2008.
By 2011, it had been converted to apartments.
Lincoln Way and Main Streets
Lincoln Way and Main Street, looking west
East 2nd Street
East 2nd Street
Tivoli Theater
Tivoli Theater, on Main Street
Tribe o'Rea
Tribe o' Rea, on Lincoln Way East
Dodge Mfg.
Dodge Manufacturing factory
Ball Band
Aerial view showing Ball Band factory, as it used to be.
The factory was imploded on June 17, 2000.