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Mar 10, 2000
Becky Smith
I got all inspired when I read the book and saw the movie "Tuesdays with Morrie" so I jumped on a plane over a long weekend and flew to NY to visit Helen Stoddart. She has apparently had a stroke so is pretty much confined to bed and her wheel chair. As is typical of this sort of patient, she is frustrated, agitated, and cries often. We were able to communicate as her speech was not affected. Yes, she still has some of her feisty disposition! I'm sure my visit wasn't exactly like Mitch Albom's, but it did me some good to put some closure on our friendship. We got to be good friends after I returned to South Bend and moved to Park Jefferson Apts. in the late '70s. She is much different outside of the classroom!

Sep 13, 2000
from Bob Mead
I'd like to share some happy news: I have another one of my design jobs photographed in the October issue of "Better Homes and Gardens." This magazine goes to almost 71 million homes. It's the ninth national magazine, in the last three years, in which my work has been published. I love the national exposure! It is interesting to get calls from around the country.

Sep 26, 2000
from Ron Brooks (married 30 years to classmate Pat DeLaurelle)
Turning 50 makes you stand back and reflect on your life and evaluate your past decisions. Pat and I are happy with our decisions, and our 30 years together have been full of adventures. We lived in Thailand for a year, rode Elephants and had lunch on the Mekong river. We lived in Europe, tromped through countless castles, ate McDonald's food at a Roman Ruins, and drove 130 mile per hour on the Autobahn. Pat succeeded in boosting the German economy by trying to buy up all available Hummels. We have lived in Florida for 23 years. I got to see Pat catch her first Sailfish, White Marlin, Wahoo; she really is a good fisherman. I watched her barrel down the runway in the back seat of an F-4D Fighter Phantom Aircraft, listened for hours about how the jet's after burners made her feel. We took our first real vacation in 1990 and went to Costa Rica; we felt real fear while white water rafting and tranquil peace while horse back riding in the Rain Forest. Life turned ugly on August 24, 1992, when Hurricane Andrew destroyed our home. After emerging from our closet and seeing the devastation that was done to our home and everything in sight, we could do nothing but cry. After a while, we started to adjust to our situation and worked on rebuilding our home and shattered lives. Pat went from being a General Manager to Construction Supervisor all in a four-hour period. She was instrumental in the rebuilding and keeping us going while we lived in a 32-ft trailer for the six months it took to rebuild. She can still hold her own in any conversation at Home Depot. When we start to feel complacent about hurricanes, we bring out our video and pictures. We are now semi-retired and live in Palm Beach Gardens within five miles of our daughter, Pat's mother, and her 94-year-old Grandmother.

Apr 16, 2001
from Larry Humphrey
Left the radio station. Working in Elkhart now. Sailing on Lake Michigan. I have 2 sailboats, a 27 foot racing boat (Soling) and a 12 foot Barnette Butterfly that I'm planning to sail from New Buffalo to Waukigan this summer. Also been doing a lot of flying

Jun 17, 2001
from Carol J. Gramenz
I am retiring Jun 30 from the Federal Government after 30 years and five months. Will be looking for a second career. Just too young to sit at home! After all, I am only 51.

Aug 18, 2001
from Jill Lancaster
I don't know how many of you remember me or my family, but Mishawaka is still very close to our hearts, wherever we are. We left Mishawaka right after freshman year and moved to the Chicago area. I returned to Mishawaka in 1970 and worked at the Ponderosa Steak House, where I met my first hubby, who managed the theatre next door. I haven't been back since 1973. Right now, I am a Graphic Artist in Charleston, South Carolina, and have 3 gorgeous girls and a doberman named Harley who thinks he's a small dog. Since Charleston is in the South and steeped in history and also on the ocean, I am in my element.

Sep 12, 2001
from Mary (Rhoade) Spratt
Our lives and priorities will be forever changed after the events of yesterday. I am touched by people reaching out to one another and embracing their families and friends. My son, a Lieutenant in the Air Force, is presently sitting in a missile capsule in a cornfield in Nebraska; he is indefinitely on "Delta Alert." I am overwhelmed with the outpouring of genuine caring by the majority of Americans -- endless lines giving blood, children holding hands around the flagpole, strangers reaching out to stranded passengers in airports, prayer vigils.

Mar 18, 2002
from Eve Thompson
On Saturday, May 11th, I will be participating in the Revlon 5K Run/Walk For Women in Los Angeles to help fight breast and ovarian cancer.

Mar 18, 2003
from Kathy Harker (Klotz)
I'm still the same only older & wiser. I love to dance as always, been doing linedance workshops with all my new friends here in Arizona. Just recently bought another home, near work. I've been working at Blood Systems, Inc. DBA United Blood Services. We are 2nd in line with American Red Cross. I have 3 grandchildren now.

Mar 19, 2003
Jim Shown is in the Reserves, and he has been deployed to Iraq.

Mar 25, 2003
from Barry Spriggs
I've been thru one divorce, then was single for 12 years, took up snow sking, golf, photography, and got pretty good at two of them. I'm still hangin in there, and still have some good memories to look back on! Special kudos to Wiseman, Randy Smith, Jim & Joe Jasiewiez, Kitty Klaer, and Becky McCoy!

Jan 1, 2005
from Judy Greenlee
I have had a business in making jewelry and doing (mostly) fused glass work for several years, with a studio in our home. I enjoy it so much; that creativity I had admired in Margie Hesch years ago has finally been let loose, and I'm loving it. So much for my career in Molecular Genetics - although I dearly miss my lively students - even the ..uh.. challenging ones. We're now hoping to do some much delayed (for me) travel to places on several continents. I can't end this message without saying how blessed I feel to have maintained a nearly 50-year relationship with Janis (Crook) Juan, who has "been there" for me so many times.

Jun 1, 2005
from Dawn Housand
I am living in Mexico (for almost 8 years) ... Just developed adult onset diabetes; haven't gotten to the point where I am regulated, yet. I guess this means no more chocolate fondue parties. I guess I'll just have to go back to sex for my chemical reactions. Chocolate was so much easier; you didn't have to worry if it was as good for the chocolate as it was for you. I will admit that chocolate doesn't have the staying power....a little heat and it just melts away to a puddle.... I have gone to broadcast school; I have attended the International Institute in Boston, MA; I have taken teacher training courses at Marymount: I have taught English to Cambodians, Russians, and Hispanics. I am now teaching at a school for gastronomy, hotel & restaurant management, and tourism right here in good old Mexico.

Nov 29, 2005
from Pamela Maez (CRAIG)

Mar 27, 2007
from Sheryl Scott
Currently living in the beautiful city of Wilmington, NC, on the coast.  Been in NC since 1976, in Wilmington since 1986.  Married Tom Pacelli on Oct. 1, 1994.  We met in a bar in Chicago while we were there for a food convention, and we have the same birthday.  No children, but a precious dog named Honey.  We are avid Carolina Hurricanes Hockey fans and bridge players.  I've been at my job at Coastal Area Health Education Center for 21 years, coordinating educational programs for professionals in the mental health field.  Living on the coast, we've had many hurricanes.  Because of that, my passion the last few years has been training people to offer behavioral health services following disasters.