MHS 1968 Factoids: Then and Now


Cosimo Natali, Michael Natali

Student Council Officers, Senior Year:
Dave Nevel, Kathy Hillaert, Roger Brady, Mary Ann Pechi

Senior Class Officers:
Randy Marks, Joe Jasiewicz, Cosimo Natali, Penny Reynolds

The Plays:
Senior year:
. Lead roles: Dan Nicolini, Connie Kelly, Kathy Hillaert
Junior year:
Cheaper by the Dozen
. Lead roles: Dan Nicolini, Pat McGee

Homecoming Court:
1967: Diana Roberts (queen), Margie Hesch, Lauretta Mecham

1966: Margie Hesch, Martha Jo Probst
1965 and 1964: Pam Craig






Class Rings:
In May of 11th grade, 405 from the Class of '68 were eligible to purchase class rings. Of those, 331 purchased a class ring. Cost of the rings: $20.15 for the small rings; $21.42 for the medium-size rings; and $24.38 for the large rings.

'Symphonies in White':
Class of '68's Cathy Schroeder and Carol Ann Nix led the way as the Class of '67 walked into their commencement ceremonies. Cathy and Carol wore white, full-length formal gowns and carried red roses. It was a traditional thing: Two junior girls always led the seniors to graduation. The Class of '68 was lead by Cheryl Tagliaferri and Cindy Theilking, from the Class of '69.

Religion and the Class of '68's Graduation:
There were no calls to keep prayer out of the graduation ceremonies: At baccalaureate, Rev. Clay Frost (1st Methodist) offered the opening prayer; O.L. Grisham (Church of Christ) read the scripture; Rabbi Elliot Rosenstock (Temple Bethel) gave the sermon, and Fr. Miller (St. Joseph) offered the closing prayer. ... Commencement opened with a prayer from Fr. Mascotte (St. Bavo's) and closed with a prayer from Rev. Frank Barcus (1st Evangelical Lutheran).

Graduation Committee:
Senior Class officers: Randy Marks, Joe Jasiewicz, Cosimo Natali, Penny Reynolds
Student Council president: Dave Nevel
Honor society presidents: Alice Beard (Quill & Scroll), Dan Nicolini (Thespians), Carol Nix (National Honor), Becky Smith (Music Honor)
M-Men president: Randy Shayler

On June 5, 1968, we flaunted tradition and had our graduation ceremony outside on the football field. We sat in the bleachers until it was time for the walk across the stage. And with that walk across the stage, we entered the ranks of MHS alums.


The Married Classmates:
Hilary & Tamara (Reed) Asher
Ron & Pat (DeLaurelle) Brooks
Jerry & Mary Ann (Pechi) Cavanah
Greg & Debbie (Young) Deitchley
Gerald & Judy (Emmons) DeWulf
Richard & Pam (Cook) Kunkle (Rich died January 28, 2013.)
Al & Patty (Adams) Marchant
Rick & Connie (Gilvin) Paridaen
Don & Suzy (Collins) Plummer
Steve & Carolyn (Schwartz) Van Ooteghem

The military veterans:
Over 20 per cent of the men from MHS '68 gave military service, and five women served. At least 23 men served in Viet Nam; one served in Iraq. Here are the military veterans who were part of the MHS Class of 1968:
Byron Aldrich, David Anderson, Gregg Baldoni, Richard Barber, John Barnes, Mike Bellovich, Judy Blankenhorn, Paul Boudreau, Neil Brioli, Jim Britton, Ron Brooks, Ed Cabanaw, Keith Cooper, Mark Crocker, Bob Culp, Ron DeBlock, Terry DeMaegd, Harold "Spider" Draves, Tom Eberlein, Bobby Fisher, John Fisher, Dennis Graham, Carol Gramenz, Jim Hallaert, David Hamman, Linda Hatfield, Ron Hixenbaugh, Linda Howe, Larry Humphrey, John Joyal, Larry Karnes, Tom Lechlitner, Leroy Lekens, Stan Leslie (a.k.a. Stan Denney), Michael Morrison, Deborah Morse, Charles "Charlie" Mott, Gilbert Needham, Rick Paridaen, Dennis Pendergrass, Don Plummer, Will Pooley, Timothy Przygocki, Richard Putz, Thom Reith, Bill Richter, Gary Rodich, George Roelandts, Terry Schwier, Jim Shown, Keith Smith, Randy Smith, Tony Sorocco, Mike Squibb, Bob Stretch, Joe Swift, Greg Troeger, Jimmie Trovatore, Bob Van Arsdale, Larry Van Camp, Jim Van Haver, Steve Van Oooteghem, Lester Brent Ward, Harry M. Weaver, Ray Wennerstrom, Jack Wilson, Tom Zimmerman.

The RN's:
Debbie Callsen, Debbie Claeys, Cathy Cunningham, Margaret Hutchinson, Linda Jasiewicz, Linda Jensen, Betty Myers, Beth Otterstein.

The teachers & educators:
Patty Adams, Jimita Baldoni, Tim Bess, Greg Blimling, Denny Cackowski, Ron Cosner, Diana Costa, Steve Cunningham, Judy Greenlee , Frances Grisham, Margie Hesch, Susan Hess, Barb Hitchins, Cindy Hoffman, Cindy Houghton, Joe Jasiewicz, Marilou Karst, Brenda Pfaller, Will Pooley, Mary Rhoade, George Roelandts, Randy Shayler, Becky Smith, Phil Stillston, Jerry Thacker, Debbie Young, Glenda Young, Karen Young.

The building trades journeymen:
Byron Aldrich (sheetmetal worker), Gregg Baldoni (sheetmetal worker), Dan Culp (pipefitter), Tom Daffron (electrician), Alan DeMaegd (machinist), Steve Egendoerfer (electrician), Randy Frederick (electrician), Larry Liffick (machinist), Michael Merritt (electrician), Gary Rodich (operating engineer), Steve Saros (plumber), Randy Smith (plumber & pipefitter), Chuck Van Camp (painter).

The musicians:
Mike Campbell, Stan Denney Leslie, Kelly Guin, Dave Hoskins, Bob Lese, Dan Nicolini, Doug Overman, Becky Smith.

The DDS, the PhD's, and the EdD's:
Tim Bess, Greg Blimling, Steve Cunningham, Judy Greenlee, Alan Stafford, Bob Stretch, Jerry Thacker.

The lawyers:
Alice Beard, Tom Grau, Bill Groth, Pat McGee, Dan Nicolini, Carol Nix, Susan Peterson.

The engineers:
Bill Daily, Gerald DeWulf, Cosimo Natali, Mike Natali, Donald Nisley.

The CPA's:
Cheryl Bobson, Mark Hildebrand.

The social workers:
Cathy Bupp, Kerry Deardorff, Sheryl Scott, Sandy Stutzman.