Mishawaka High School Class of 1968
45 years after high school:

High school tour

Before the football game on Friday night, Mishawaka High School Principal Jerome Calderone welcomed a few from the Mishawaka High Class of 1968 for a tour of the building.

Above were the early comers: Mary Rhoade, Mary Jane Dexter, Alice Marie Beard, Debbie Morse, and Jim Locke. Others were Cosimo Natali, Michael Natali, Darlene Lennox, Kathy Klotz, and Mary Zemialkowski.

Photo above is the old gymnasium. Basketball games are still played in this gym. The photo below shows the new gymnasium. It is in the new addition, and it is a larger gym. It is used for physical education classes.

The "Cavemen" wall in in the new gymnasium.

-- photos by Jim Locke

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