Mishawaka High School Class of 1968
45 years after graduation:


After all day at Castle Manor, the party moved to American Legion 357 where Dave Hoskins' band was playing. The band is called "MGB," and it's made up of Dave, Corky Andrews, and Jerry Gushwa. They perform classic rock, Motown, oldies, and country. Below, Dave is in the middle, in the white shirt and vest.

Above, Paula Lampert, Toby Roose, Kathy Klotz. Dave Hoskins can be seen behind Toby.

Above: Far left and barely visible is Spider Draves. Next to Spider and in the black shirt is Maggie DeMaegd (Mrs. Terry DeMaegd). On the far right is Terry, and just behind him is Kathy Klotz.

Above: Two photos with a seam down the middle. Spider Draves, Paula Lampert, Kathy Klotz, Terry DeMaegd, Debbie Morse.

Above: Steve Treber (Brenda Burkett's husband), Brenda, and Paula Lampert. Yes, folks had a good time.

Above: Steve Cunningham and Alice Marie Beard.

Dave Hoskins, on his bass guitar. Dave has been a performing musician for almost 50 years.

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